Making Complaints to Firefly

Most airlines have a method with which they deal with passenger or customer complaints. Some operate a dedicated phone service along with an online enquiry form. Others may just have an email contact. These services may allow you to register a concern or make a claim for lost luggage.

Some airlines have strict standards that they must comply with depending on local laws and their own timetables.

Have you needed to make a complaint to FireFly?

Has your complaint been resolved to your satisfaction?

How long did it take Firefly to return your call or email?

Any other issues or problems with Firefly complaints process?

Post your review and comments below.

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  1. Anonymous25/6/12 20:53

    I have purchase ticket on Firefly and when I try to assign seat, I realized that there is a $20 charge (10/per seat); as a results, I discard the transaction. However, when I went to check in and the counter said I still owe $20 for the seat selection. It is like when you add an item to your shopping cart and you didn't check-out but you have to pay for the merchandize your have added to your cart. This is radiculus.